—  What my clients, partners, and collaborators have to say about working with me.

“Chris won the bid to produce our ads because of his holistic approach to our need, and his problem-solving spirit. He didn’t simply suggest we needed market research to understand the why behind our core users; he ran the research himself. Throughout the process, Chris was on time, on budget, and on the nose. I look forward to future collaborations with him.”
— Jean-Pierre Adechi, CEO, Wheeli
“Chris is like a creative swiss army knife; reliable for the everyday stuff, but then it turns out he’s got that special tool you didn’t even know you needed, but can’t live without”
— Brandon Butrick, Executive Producer, Photon Creative
“Chris Correa is a determined and inventive producer with a unique sense of humor, an infectious enthusiasm for making things better, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He was a great asset on our production team at Ish and a pleasure to collaborate with both creatively and logistically. He would make a solid addition to any staff.”
— Paul Leo, Creative Lead, Ish Digital
“Chris Correa’s vision, professionalism, and creativity in solving unexpected challenges was invaluable in the production of Avoidance. I’ve been fortunate to know Chris for years, and have always admired him for his artistic perspective and unparalleled ability to balance the big picture with a fastidious attention to detail. I knew that Chris would elevate our production and his imagination certainly did just that. I look forward to future collaborations with Chris Correa - I’m sure there will be many.”
— Ben Needham-Wood, Emmy-Award winning dancer & choreographer, Avoidance
“I worked as an editor on some Mindswarms video projects that Christopher produced and must say that it was great to collaborate with him. He was able to provide very clear direction, in the vision for each project, while also welcoming my ideas and creative input. He has great communication skills, a great grasp of the multi-media craft, while being fun to work with and devoted to finishing projects on time without compromising quality. I look forward to being able to collaborate with him in the future.”
— Vincent Cortez, Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Mitchell Street Pictures
“Working with Chris Correa Creates is always a stellar experience. From my first meeting with Chris and throughout the design process, he has been truly amazing! He has shown such care, professionalism, honesty, integrity and creativity for everything related to my brand. I love the crispness and warmth of the videos his company produced, and it has resulted in new opportunities and growth for my company. I am looking forward to a long partnership with Chris Correa Creates!”
— Chanda Williams, CEO, Yoga with Chanda

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